To sum it up short and sweet,Dr Testa has the best bed side manner. He immediately takes you under his wing, makes you feel comfortable, and you know right away you’re in good hands. He’s honest, genuine, and actually cares for you as a person. He’s knowledgeable , competent, and trustworthy. He’s conservative and a perfectionist. He would never leave a patient unhappy or unsatisfied. I would recommend Dr Testa to anyone and everyone, especially first timers who are afraid to have a procedure. Couldn’t be happier with my results. Krista B., Brooklyn

Submitted July 18, 2017

Going to Dr. Testa was one of the best decisions of my life. I have been thinking about having my breasts done for a while, I just wanted to be sure I was choosing the best doctor and I think it’s safe to say Dr. Testa is the best. I had originally went to a different doctor for my first consult not knowing what to expect and something just didn’t sit right with me, which is when I contacted a friend about her recent breast augmentation. My consultation with Dr. Testa went so smooth! He made me feel super comfortable, but his honesty is what sold me. I first went in there thinking implants was what I needed and he explained to me that I would be better off with a breast lift because my main complaint was the sagging! He could have easily agreed with me and did implants, but I knew he had my best interest in mind! I finally booked my surgery with Fran, who was also very helpful and always such a sweetheart. It’s been almost 6 weeks since my surgery and I am so in love with how I look. The surgery went so smooth, Dr. Testa always made sure I was comfortable and free of pain (since it was done under local). His tech, I believe her name was Joy was also super amazing. As you can tell I am extremely happy with my decision and I highly recommend Dr. Testa.

Submitted July 8, 2017


I have started my journey with my new breasts and I couldn’t pick a better doctor than Dr. Testa. I had originally breast implants of 500ccs which I was dying to remove,I had done them in Colombia and they really don’t educate the you on what size they recommend for your body type. I am 5’2 so you can only imagine how big they were for my body frame. I made the decision to remove them and so far my journey has been nothing but a great ride thanks to Dr. T. He is caring, attentive and cares about his patients. He was so informative and kept providing me with useful information and told me what to expect from my surgery. I have to go back in 5 months to do the breast lift and I know in my heart I will have a beautiful result. He is a hidden Gem in Staten Island. If anyone is having doubts of where to go to get a procedure done, I definitely recommend Dr. Kenneth Testa. You won’t be disappointed !

Submitted July 8, 2017

Dr. Testa is incredible! He has such great bedside manners and makes the rest of the worries of the world fade away. He really took care of me through every step of the way for my leg and stomach liposuction and BBL. I had a million concerns and he was patient with me and will make you feel like you have a best friend in him! He definitely has my best interest at heart. During surgery he was great! He continually asked me if I was okay. Even at the worst moments I would say that pain was barely a level 1 out of 10! I’m a baby when it comes to pain and the whole procedure didn’t hurt at all. Afterwards he made sure I was okay, taking care of myself properly and healing well. I barely had an bruising, like a .5 out of 10 and my scars are healing great. Thank you Dr. Testa!!! Wishing you the best always!

Submitted April 26, 2017

I LOVE Dr. Ken. He is compassionate, caring and gentle. I had an S-Lift and he explained every step of the way what was happening. I had local anesthesia and if I moved, he immediately asked if I was in pain and would ask if I needed more anesthesia. If I said yes he immediately applied more and said that I should not experience pain during the procedure. He constantly asked how I was doing during the procedure and genuinely cared. Before leaving the office he made sure that I knew exactly what to expect and called me that evening (and both days afterward) to see how I was feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Ken!

Submitted February 27, 2017

I Literally Just Got Out Of Surgery With Dr.Testa, And I Must Admit He’s FANTASTIC !! I Had Got Liposuction Of My Entire Abdomen Area, And I Feel Absolutely GREAT.
First Of All, I Was Supposed To Get My Procedure Done By Dr.Voskin. When I Came Into The Facility I Was Told That Another MD Would Be Doing My Procedure. I Was So Distraught, And Confused Because Like Most People Looking For A GREAT SURGEON , I Did Research On Dr.Voskin. So I Was Told By The Office Manager That “He (Dr.Testa) Was Great” But Of Course She Would Say That, They Work Side By Side.
As I Went Into The Operating Room, He Greeted Me, And Smiled And I Felt Like That Was Professional And Genuine. He Explained Everything That Was Going To Take Place, As Well As Explained The Feelings, Or Sensations I May Have. I Asked Questions To Get Through The Procedure, And He Answered All Of Them. He Also Stop If I Moved, And Asked Me If I Wanted To Stop. The Local Anesthesia, Numbed My Abdomen, So I Wouldn’t Feel Any Pain. I Can Honestly Say I Had NOOOO PAIN ! And When I Did Feel A Little Pinch Or A Sting, HE STOPPED Went To A Different Part Of My Body. He Made Me Feel As Comfortable As Possible, I Felt Like I Knew Him My Whole Life.
Dr.Testa Kenneth Is Very Professional, Easy Going, Understanding, And Gentle While Doing A Procedure. He Put Me (the patient) Before His Self. He Took His Time And Kept Asking Me Was I Okay. Needless To Say I’m Very Dramatic. I’m Very Pleased With My Procedure, Although I’m Still Swollen, I KNOW IM GOOD. I Would Definitely Recommend Anybody To Come To Dr.Testa.

Submitted July 14, 2016

I went to Dr. Testa for a Breast Augmentation. He was amazing ! So caring and concerned for my satisfaction. I am obsessed with the way that my Breasts came out ! In my eyes they are just perfect !! Most of my family have gone to Dr. Testa so I knew I would be in good hands because I’ve seen the work he has done prior. I highly recommend him !! He is such a nice guy and really cares about you. Testa did a great job at keeping me calm and letting me know step by step of what was going to happen before and after the surgery. I felt so comfortable and safe in his care!

Submitted June 22, 2016

Dr. Testa is an excellent surgeon with an amazing bedside manner. I had 2 procedures done by this doctor, eyelid surgery both upper and lower, and liposuction to my inner/outer thighs and knees. I was very nervous for my first surgery, my eyes, but after talking with Dr. Testa, I felt more excited than nervous. I had this surgery done under local anesthesia and he talked to me the entire time, keeping me very calm and explaining what he was up to. The surgery took two hours, and seemed like a lot less. The results are amazing. Problem totally gone! Because of my experience with this surgery, I decided on having liposuction of my inner and outer thighs, as well as my knees and lower abdomen. It was something I wanted to do forever, but was too scared. I talked about it for years. This surgery was also done under local anesthesia and also took two hours. I cannot believe that my body is now proportionate and I feel so much better and my clothes finally fit they way they should. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long! I highly recommend Dr. Testa!

Submitted August 18, 2015

I have never received plastic surgery before going to Dr Testa, I was very nervous about getting anything done to my body. I’ve have worn heavy earrings throughout my whole life and on one side of my ear eventually they both pulled through. I could not live without earrings so I decided to go to Dr Testa, a friend recommended him to me. I am very pleased with the surgery he performed on my ear! He eased my mind and my worries went away. He is a very calm , knowledgable DR. If I ever get anything done in the future I will surely go back to see him!

Submitted January 8, 2015

I am. Slightly. Biased because I. Was married into dr testa’s. Family. But I can give an honest review of. His medical services I got my face ripped open by a dog and I was going into plastic surgery with very little expectations About having a normal. Face my injuries were to the area below the nose extending thru my upper lip my. Injury To me was major my. Lip was ripped into three pieces Dr. Testa. Due to my personal. Relationship could have put me on the waiting list he could have rushed his services being he wasn’t accepting payment. I. Was nervous this was a man I saw not as a dr but as a friend and just a regular guy but once I stepped into his world I realized I was dealing with a complete pro. Dr Testa was no longer my cousin he was now dr testa and the face and lips are a sensitive area to have someone putting needles into but mere seconds into repairing my face dr testa’s bedside manner put me at ease he was gentle to the point that I barely felt. His hands putting my lip back together the job that. He did on my face was and is unbelievable. You can barely tell my face was attacked by a dog The. Scar. Is so slight people. Don’t ask about it there are no bumps. Or scar tissue. Issues were he. Stitched me up I can’t. Say. Enough about. The. Job he. Did. Within about. Three weeks. My. Face. Was back. To normal. If I was a child and still growing there would be no evidence of this. Injury as it is you can barely see any evidence of his masterful work my. Injury is 7 years old so I can only imagine how much dr testa s. Skills have improved I. Can only hope and pray. That. If a person gets injured and needs a dr. They. Walk into. That mans office from. Top. To bottom. This. Man. Is. A. Pro. From the way. He put me at ease to the. Masterful job. He did on my. Face. I. Can only. Say. Thank you. Dr. Testa I. Strongly. Urge anyone that needs a dr to. Visit dr testa. This. Man. Is an artist and. He. Loves his. Work. And. It. Shows in the. Way he treats his. Patients. I. Know. Quite a few people that. Have. Been lucky. Enough to. Have been worked on by. Dr. Testa and. I am. Only. One of. A. Handful. Of happy and grateful. People. So. Once again. Thank you. Dr testa this man. Is. Truly an artist with. His. Hands

Submitted November 27, 2014


We brought our 5 year old son to see Dr. Testa for a stitch on his forehead. We were worried about how our son would react to the experience. Dr. Testa had a way of keeping him calm and relaxed the whole time. Dr. Testa is amazing and very professional. He reassured us that everything would be fine. He also said that if we ever had a question or anything at all, don’t hesitate to call him anytime. We highly recommend him.

Submitted September 14, 2014

Words cannot express my emotions about Dr. Kenneth Testa’s work. Not only he was caring and understanding throughout whole treatment, but he exceeded all my expectations when it came to results. His a true professional and amazing “artist” of a woman’s body. If I would need to do more work I would only go to him. His staff is phenomenal and he is an Amazing person in and out. Very happy Patient, Irina K.

Submitted February 25, 2014

Dr. Testa & his staff are very knowledgeable, caring & trusting. I’ve been to many Drs but I have NEVER received the extensive care, preciseness & service received in this office. Dr. Testa does what is right for you & is always available day or night regardless if it’s during business hrs. or after business hrs. I had surgery on my face and barely have any evidence to prove I did! Numerous doctors refused me and told me my scar would be on the “larger side” some doctors refused to help me because of the risk involved. However, Dr. Testa was very warm & understanding…explained the procedure in detail and assured a positive outcome if I followed his instructions..The result was PHENOMENAL…I highly recommend him! If someone claims to be dissatisfied with this doctor they must be dissatisfied with themselves…..He has hands of GOLD!!!!!!!!

Submitted November 19, 2013

Went to Dr.Testa for my Breast Augmentation by recommendation of a friend. I must say that Dr.Testa has a great personality and his staff is very caring and kind. Great bedside manner. My complaint is that I feel as though he cares more about what HE would prefer his patients to look like rather than what the patient’s preference is. I Felt as though I was reprimanded when explaining what size I would like to be, did not even care for me to show him pictures of the look that I would like to achieve, and made to feel embarrassed for expressing my opinion. Now having been to many different consultations with different doctors for a revision, I can clearly see that Dr.Testa didn’t discuss the various shapes/textures/types of implants enough at all. Maybe if there was a more in-depth discussion about this and more info, I would not be spending even more money months later to have a revision with someone else due to unhappiness with both size AND shape. Should value patient’s opinions more.

Submitted November 8, 2013

From the first impression I got from the person answering the phone , I must say I was impressed. Fran, was welcoming and professional which made my phone call easier than expected. Aside from being a Registered Nurse myself, now I was the patient. After meeting Dr Testa, I must say he was totally thorough and professional and of course knowledgeable. He explained the procedure I wanted, an upper arm lift, and the results I would achieve. At one point I wasnt too sure about the end result and he immediately said to come back and we would go over the procedure again. At that point all my questions and concerns were answered and I was truly at ease with no question to go ahead with the surgery. Again the staff with which he works with are just as great as he is. Now one month post op I must say the results are BETTER than I expected. Now I recommend Dr Testa to all my peers at the hospital with full confidence that they will be just as satisfied as I am.

Submitted November 5, 2013

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Testa and his staff, and not to mention the amazing results ! From the moment I walked into his office , I was overwhelmed with compassion and educated regards to the procedure that was going to take place. Dr Testa was my fourth and last consultation , before meeting with Dr Testa I was convinced not to have any work done , due to the lack of mannerism from the previous consultations , I am one happy guy I went for the fourth consultation with Dr testa! Great results constant follow up , compassion ….. Thank You ….. Jack Dolan

Submitted November 2, 2013

Dr Testa is amazing. Our two year old has a medical history that left him excessively afraid of doctors making typical visits nearly impossible. Dr Testa took the time to reassure and calm him. He built a trust with our son that we never thought was possible, let alone during a traumatic event that required stitches on his face. Not only did our son calm and allow Dr Testa to stitch him (to perfection), but he gave him a hug and kiss when it was all over. His face looks perfect and more importantly Dr Testa gave him his first positive experience with a doctor. When we went for our follow up our son walked hand in hand with Dr. Testa into his office. He truly is an amazing doctor and person. He takes the time and genuinely cares….qualities that you just do not see often in the medical community today.

Submitted October 25, 2013

I have had four surgeries done by Dr. Testa. I also have had Botox several times and my lips done. The results have been absolutely amazing. Dr. Testa is patient and attentive. He describes each stage of every procedure both in advance and as he is doing it. He is truly talented and incredibly knowledgable. His staff is friendly and helpful making for a completely comfortable atmosphere in his office. Dr. Testa is also trustworthy and honest – he has advised me not to have procedures that were not best for me, advised me to have less costly procedures to achieve the desired results and advised me to delay procedures to maximize results – he always puts the patients interests first even when it means he makes less money.

Submitted May 4, 2013

Three times is a charm. I had not one but two breast augmentations with horrible results. I was recommended by a friend of mine to go see Dr. Testa and I am so happy I did. Finally I have gained the confidence I was lacking. Dr. Testa did not recommend the removal of my implants but instead he suggested that with just adjusting one breast with a lift and to reduce the size of the aerola I would be satisfied. Well I am 2 weeks post op and look amazing. I am so happy with the results and I still have to heal. Dr. Testa has truly gifted hands and above all has compassion and is honest which is hard to come by these days.. Thank you Dr. Testa!

Submitted April 3, 2013

I found You!Dr. Tesste is a highly ethical and caring professional. He not only educated me on the the mini-face lift but made sure during the entire procedure that I was comfortable. The follow-up visits continue today with his constant evaluations and promises kept to tweek anything that did not meet his high standards.Each outcome is personal. Healing takes time and patience.He is sincere in his effort and in finding the best for YOU.I now find the same experience with his FAT Transfer Procedure.AM I GLAD THAT I FOUND DR.TESTE. His staff are compassionate angels. Need I say More?

Submitted March 20, 2013

I would like to start off by saying that Dr. Testa is an amazing surgeon with incredible talent. I recently had a breast lift done by Dr. Testa after having two children who were breast feed along with major weight loss. The results are fabulous and would highly recommend Dr. Testa for anyone who wants things done correctly the the first time. He is all about patient satisfaction and comfort and not about selling unnecessary procedures. He has golden hands and it shows in his work. His staff was extremely kind and supportive. Thank you Dr. Testa.

Submitted February 21, 2013

Dr. Testa is very professional, compassionate and knowledgable. I had a fat transfer and I am very pleased with my results. The procedure was not painful and went very smoothly. Sorry that I waited so long to have the procedure. The office staff was great, as well.

Submitted February 14, 2013

I had a breast augmentation done three months. Dr. Testa and his staff made it so comfortable for me. He is an exceptional doctor and I highly recommend him. I have received compliments since the first day of my surgery. I am so pleased with Dr. Testa and his staff. If you want a honest, caring and professional doctor, he is your man! I am so happy with him and my surgery!!!

Submitted December 21, 2012

Dr. Testa answers all questions and explains all procedures until patient has a full understanding of what is about to be done. He gives out his cellphone number so he can be reached at all times. His staff is very friendly and understanding and are also always available. I have been his patient for over ten years, have had many procedures done (big and small) and have always been happy with my results.

Submitted December 14, 2012

Dr. Testa is a wonderful, caring and compassionate individual who takes an interest in his patient. He has a lovely bed side manner and he is truly the “Surgeon General”. I would highly recommend Dr. Testa and his staff to treat all your cosmetic needs.

Submitted December 12, 2012

Dr Testa was very helpful every step of da way with my breast augmentation from before till after. I am very happy with my results and would recommend anyone to him. I am veryyyy happy with my results I went from a b cup to a D n Im pleased with the outcome.

Submitted October 18, 2012

Doctor Testa is the best at what he does. He made me feel so much better mentally and physically 🙂

Submitted September 28, 2012

Dr. Testa is so wonderful. I had a fat transfer to fill in the lines around my mouth as well into the cheek area of my face. I cried with happiness when Dr. T gave me the mirror to see the improvements to my face. I also had liposuction done to my outer thighs at this time and was able to see the results immediately. During this entire procedure Dr. T and his staff were kind, considerate and truely caring.

Submitted July 31, 2012

Dr Testa and his team were amazing my results are fantastic , I wouldn’t of went to ANY other doctor. I recommend him 500% to anyone wanting cosmetic surgery! You will love your results .. Thank you again to Dr Testa and his team.

Submitted April 17, 2012

He is one of the best surgeons I have ever dealt with. I have absolutely not one complaint about him. He cares more about the satisfaction of his patients then making money. He makes you feel 100% comfortable & walks you through each & every step. I refer everyone to him. His staff is also wonderful. He truly is a genuine person & a very smart one at that! 5 stars for his staff & him!

Submitted February 29, 2012

It’s difficult to find words that would really describe Dr. Testa and his work. Magnificent, superb, amazing, brilliant….pure excellence to say the least. I can guarantee that if anyone were to set up a consultation with him, they would leave there happy, comfortable and definitely satisfied. There was not one time where I had thoughts of bailing out (which I’ve done in the past with another surgeon). Dr. Testa has a natural ability to make a person feel as comfortable as can be. He tends to each and every concern that might come to hand and is always completely honest. These qualities made my husband and I realize that he is that surgeon that we could 100% trust. I would no doubt with out any hesitation recommend Dr. Testa.

Submitted October 5, 2011

Dr. Testa is simply amazing! Had a labiaplasty done with him. As you can imagine this procedure is delicate and personal. Dr.Testa made me feel comfortable, was extremely attentive to my needs, very welcoming and extremely helpful with post op care. Not to mention, the procedure went great! Never had a doctor like him, complete godsend!

Submitted May 03, 2017

I had breast augmentation a few years ago he did a great job! wonderful doctor that had amazing bedside manner. He listened to my concerns and explained everything in detail. He deserves more than 5 stars.

Submitted Feb 12, 2017