Sedona Med Spa

The Sedona Medical Spa

Exclusively at the Center For Aesthetic Surgery and Age Defying Therapies

The Sedona Medical Spa offers Physician directed preventative and restorative therapies designed to improve health and bestow long-lasting aesthetic benefits.

Advanced skin care, therapeutic body treatments, nutrition, exercise and stress management are major components of services. Bridging medical science with spa therapies originating from Europe and Asia, we are committed to providing clients exceptional services in a medically supervised spa.

Practitioners of Cosmetic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Join Specialists in acupuncture, nutrition, massage therapy, dermatology, exercise, stress management and weight-loss to offer preventative and restorative therapies that improve health, appearance and well-being.

We invite you to come experience our unique approach to total wellness.


The Sedona Medical Spa represents a new genre in wellness. Combining elements of luxurious spa services with the safety and superior clinical capabilities of the medical profession. With a compliment of full-time physicians, skin care specialists, massage therapists and our personal trainer, all working in conjunction to optimally address your specific rejuvenation concerns.

 ​This unique blending of medical expertise with the convenience and comfort of a spa provides for unsurpassed results with uncompromising safety.